White Sugar-The True Poison


White Sugar True Poison

            White Sugar-The True Poison

Friday, July 15,2018

Why We Should Avoid The White Sugar?

Sugar is one of the most dangerous enemies for your health, but he hides his game because he is so good, so sweet. Back on the white poison of our time.

white poison
Yes it is a real poison for the body sugar but not all sugar, these include white sugar, refined one. Refined sugar is a new substance to the human body because humans have always eaten sugar yes, but much richer sugar nutritionally, first with honey, then fruit sugar, sugar full cane, etc. The advent of the white sugar brand era, such as diabetes also the brand. So, be aware that refined sugar inevitably causes diabetes and that if you consume regularly, you are most likely pre-diabetic. No this is not an exaggeration, because diabetes does not occur suddenly, the type 2 anyway …

Sugar-diabetes link white …
Diabetes, metabolically, resulting in the inability of the body to absorb all the sugar in the blood. In theory is a hormone secreted by the pancreas, insulin, it allows the intracellular penetration sugar (or glucose). When you eat white sugar frequently, insulin can no longer play its role, and blood sugar (glycemia) remains high, hence the extensive damage to the body. So understand that eating regular cookies, sodas, cakes, but also white bread or pastries … .you’re overeating of sugar fast. Fast that is to say, it is rapidly metabolized, thus causing an increase in blood glucose and therefore insulin. Poor blood sugar regulation then moved slowly and eventually it is diabetes.

Avoid white sugar, opt for the full sugar
If you do not want all these complications caused by refined sugar, then quickly think of changing eating behavior. If you do not want this for your child either, so stop promising him candy when he is wise, stop giving him soda cans whenever he asks, and take the time to explain that everything is sold, is not necessarily consumable.
For your homemade pastries, go for the whole sugar cane, you will spot it its brown color. Choose sugar preferably organic quality, it is always best without the chemicals used intensive agriculture.
The key is not to overdo sugar. The measure is the number one rule in nature.

Aspartame, you know?
To avoid sugar you can opt for aspartame. Attention serious mistake. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener
How to recognize it? Easy, it corresponds to E951 component on the labels of your products.
Its sweetening power is about 200 times higher than natural sugar, and it is really harmful to health.
You should know that amino acids contained aspartame are contained (two of them at least) in meat for example. What must be understood by cons is that the same molecule is metabolized differently, that is to say, treated and processed differently by the body. Especially when the molecule is heated …

What we know with certainty is that by against aspartame neurotoxicity. Although it continues to be sold in any form, visible or hidden, that is to say in the light products.The controversy is growing if we know that the majority of aspartame sold in the world today is made in China. Around 80% is thought. And when we know the laxity of the state on the application of lower food safety standards, not to mention the European standards, it is right to worry.

Aspartame or light everywhere!
Aspartame is indeed everywhere, even in pediatric medications because it is believed that it is easier to accept the child to drink sweet! Aspartame is everywhere, hidden in the light Chewing gum, yogurt 0%, etc.
A little history… ?
Placed on the market only in 1974, the product literally explodes and transforms the landscape agro food products. The authorization was withdrawn around 1976 (FDA food and drug administration), following a report of about 500 pages to challenge the company’s studies which obtained market authorization. The rehabilitation market was gradually then, probably with the lobbying power of  Rumsfeld, CEO since the company selling the product . Here is a brief history of the reality of the setting aspartame market, yet nerve.

Must replace sugar?
Nothing prevents you from having a moderate consumption of sugar. Seeking alternatives, the risk is to continue to over-consume a product. You just understand that sugar, consumed in moderation, is not at all harmful to the body, it is outrageous that the consumer is. Anyway, half a piece of sugar in your morning coffee, another half piece in the coffee 3h, never hurt anyone. It is the excess that kills. Natural alternatives to sugar are also available for those who are most addicted to sweet taste, first honey, a natural product of which we can not count the health benefits.

Consuming light it helps to lose weight?
Does aspartame (in place of sugar) allows or promotes weight parte otherwise stabilize the weight up? That’s a good question. No. This is what you need to know if you have opted for instance to replace the two pieces of sugar in your morning coffee with two drops of sweetener, supposedly to lose some weight …
NOT the light does not promote weight loss, however, a study shows that people consuming more exposed to light are overweight than others, especially in height of 65%. You wonder what benefit to be gained from the consumption of this new molecule for the body, harmful if not for the less beneficial not …? No.

What we know with certainty is that by against aspartame neurotoxicity. Although it continues to be sold in any form, visible or hidden, that is to say in the light products.

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