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Walking 90 Minutes In Green Shows Life In Pink ….

walking 90 minutes in green


                      Walking 90 Minutes In Green Shows Life In Pink .. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2018

Walking 90 minutes in Green has a lots of benefits”

The benefits to our health physical activity, especially walking you know.

A study by researchers at Stanford University in the United States provides additional lighting . Researchers have been interested in the environment of walking and its impact on depression.

They compared mood and brain activity of several groups of participants practicing walking in cities or in rural areas.

Result: those who walked 90 minutes in the countryside are more positive and less prone to rumination (repetitive thoughts focused on the negative aspects) than others.

Recall that the World Health Organization(WHO) recommends 10,000 steps a day, green will be even better.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2018 -17:45:05 [London Time]





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