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Men Cancer : Top Signs You Should Not Ignore

men cancer top signs

       Men Cancer : Top Signs You Should Not Ignore

Monday, August 15,2018

Several common cancers in men have the same symptoms as other diseases or medical conditions. Men are also known to have a tendency to postpone visits to the doctor … It is therefore important to consult a health professional if you notice these symptoms or other unusual pain or change.

Difficulty urinating may indicate cancer in men

If you frequently have difficulty passing urine or notice blood, consult your doctor. you should also visit a doctor if you notice blood in your sperm or experiencing erectile dysfunction. These symptoms could indeed be prostate cancer signs.

“Unfortunately, there is no prostate cancer symptoms until the disease is made aggressive stage”


Wheezing and shortness of breath are important sign of lung cancer that everyone ignores. Cancer patients say they have noticed this symptom but they never did anything about it. In this situation, people are wondering if they have asthma.

Visible changes in the skin

Men 50 years and over 2 times more likely to develop or die from skin cancer.

which are targeted by 40% of cases of melanoma, but 60% of fatal cases,A main study showed that men took more time in the sun more than women and they are little likely to protect their skin with sunscreen. Men have a little hair to cover their scalp and ears, two areas of the body where cancer can take shape. Finally, men consult their doctor less than women. Many patients think that moles, skin tags or stains on the skin are not unusual.

So if you find a mole that changes color, size or which lifts the skin, see a doctor. When it comes to melanoma, moles are irregular and darker forms. They may even contain more colors.  notice they are more serious and can be deadly. By cons, many melanomas are slow to develop and are relatively easy to treat if caught early enough.

chronic cough and chest pain

many types of cancer, including lung cancer, cause symptoms such as cough. You can see a difference if the problem is persistent or if it disappears occasionally. If you have pain or a constant cough, see your doctor immediately.

Swollen glands

If you notice a lump or swelling that grows at the nodes under your armpit or in your neck – or any other part of your body – a visit to the doctor is necessary. Swollen glands are generally associated with minor infections, but they can also be caused by a lymphoma or leukemia.

Pain in the mouth

Wild fire that heals or mild sore temporary teeth after a visit to the doctor is probably nothing alarming. By cons, if you have pain that does not go, a wild fire that does not seem to heal, different colored  patches(red or white) on the tongue or gums,or swelling of the jaw. it could act of warning signs of oral cancer.

Men smoke tobacco are more likely to develop cancer of the mouth, Smokers and people who chew tobacco should be much more vigilant when it comes to pain or sores that do not recovered in the mouth or on the lips.

frequent infections

infections could be  symptoms of leukemia, our blood begins to produce unusual amount of white blood cells and they can not fight effectively against the infection. It is often discovered leukemia in adults who claim to have often flu or fever symptoms persistent.

A chronic cough can be a symptom of cancer

A cough that persists more than three weeks without other symptoms appear like cold or allergies, may be an early finding indication of lung cancer. Leukemia can also first to announce as bronchitis.if you notice or the taste of blood, it is very important to consult your doctor. Some patients with lung cancer have also mentioned suffer of chest pain extending to the shoulders or arms.

abdominal pain and depression

The medical world has established a link between depression and pancreatic cancer. If you have severe pain in the stomach and you feel depressed, it is time to make a routine examination. Jaundice, gray stools, dark urine and itchy in the whole body are other common symptoms of pancreatic cancer

Blood in the stool

It may be that hemorrhoids, but it may also be a colon cancer. The reviews for this type of cancer usually start around age 50-55, but more and more cases appear younger. That’s why you must consult a doctor as soon as you notice anything abnormal.

“It’s simple to notice the blood in the stool, thinking that this is something of Benin, like hemorrhoids or constipation, and especially when the share issue and return. so people tend to reassure, and especially the young,  But  existence of blood in your stool is likely abnormal. Consult a physician as soon as possible.

Changes in the nails

Odd changes in the nails can be a sign of different cancers. Lines and black or brown spots on nails indicate a skin cancer. a change in the color of the nails(pale or white color) may indicate that the time is not working properly, which is a sign of liver cancer.


Fatigue can have many causes, such as disease, stress and lifestyle. It may also indicate cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, fatigue is often a harbinger of leukemia, colon cancer and stomach cancer.

Difficulty swallowing could hide a throat cancer

A persistent sore throat for several weeks may indicate that you are suffering from throat cancer. These symptoms may also indicate lung cancer or stomach.

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