Ear pain: The Effective Natural Remedies

ear pain effective natural remedies

        Ear pain: The Effective Natural Remedies 

Saturday, July 30,2018

Ear pain is particularly difficult. Discover the best natural remedies and home stuff that can be tested without danger.

Ear pain is usually due to infections, but other causes are possible. On the other hand, made an accurate diagnosis before you put drops in the ears. Here are the best grandmother of tips and natural remedies.

Hot and cold to relieve pain in the ear
Lying on the side, put a hot water bottle filled with hot water or a heating pad on the ear. You can also use a towel soaked in hot water. The heat relieves stimulating circulation to the ear and decreasing the pressure.
The hair dryer is another source of heat. Adjust the heat to minimum and hold the device to 15-20 cm flag directing the air flow towards the inside of the ear.

To reduce inflammation in an already painful ear, try this trick and see if it relieves you: put on very cold cotton socks (after having soaked in ice water and have drained) while simultaneously applying a warm wet cloth on the sore ear.
Enjoy a spicy tangy soup or chili. By thinning the mucus, spices facilitate drainage of the ear and relieve pressure.

Water, Echinacea and drainage
Drink a lot of water. The muscles when you swallow cause the opening of the Eustachian tubes, which promotes drainage of the ears. The fact yawning or chewing gum has the same effect.
Gargle with salt water to stimulate blood flow to the Eustachian tubes and limit their obstruction.
Try echinacea extract, which gives good results when pain results from infection of the upper airway (nasopharyngitis, in particular). Mix five drops of the tincture in a little water and drink this dose twice a day until symptoms disappear.
At night, slightly elevate the head with an extra pillow to promote drainage of the ear and relieve the pressure.

How to clean your ears
Inject warm (about 35 ° C) in the ear canal with a large syringe without needle, a rubber bulb or the spray of the shower. Part of the wax will be expelled with warm water.
Do not put soap in the ears, especially in babies, because it aggregates the mucus.
Never insert cotton swab or probe inside the ear, unless you want to extract a plug after having softened with oil

You would push wax deeper. You may further puncture the eardrum or scratch the ear canal.
If you wear a hearing aid, wipe every night with a tissue to remove all wax and thus prevent it from accumulating.
If you have a lot of hair in the ears, which is often the case with men of a certain age, do not hesitate to cut with a mower battery for this purpose, that the wax does not stick to the bristles at the opening of the ear canal.

Olive oil
Olive oil is a very effective natural lubricant against the ear pain. Indeed, it eliminates any kind of infection in the area. It also helps reduce tinnitus that can become a real annoyance in everyday life. To enjoy its benefits, just put four drops of warm olive oil in the ears. It is best done at night before bed, and clog the ear with a little cotton.

for its analgesic and antibiotic, garlic helps to get rid of pain in the ear quickly, especially if there is an infection. This remedy is very simple to prepare: just bring back a garlic cut into small pieces in a pan with two tablespoons of sesame oil. Mix everything and then filter. When the mixture has cooled, you have to pay two to three drops in the ear that makes you suffer.

Onion is an antiseptic and antibacterial, very effective to decrease ear pain quickly. The preparation of the remedy is not very complicated: just chop a fresh onion and place it in a clean linen you left against your ear for 5 minutes. You can repeat the process several times a day.

for its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is very useful for fighting an ear infection. It is also a very powerful painkiller, so do not hesitate to use if you have ear pain. To reduce inflammation and relieve pain, just put three drops ginger juice in the ear, and then plug the ear with a little cotton. This soothing remedy acts in minutes.

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