7 Health Benefits Of Chickpeas

7 health benefits chickpeas

7 Health Benefits Of Chickpeas

Saturday, July 16,2018

Widely consumed in Mediterranean cuisine, chickpeas, cultivated on a large scale in the South, offers a number of health benefits that make a food more acclaimed around the world. In salads, as hummus, meatballs, in a couscous or even a cake, here’s a good reason to always have chickpeas in his closet.

A place in vegetarian cooking
Because the chickpea is a food rich in fiber and low in lipid, it is an excellent substitute for meat in a vegetarian diet. Associated with high protein content products such as cereals or nuts, it provides the body with everything it needs to withstand a day of activities.

A daily serving to reduce bad cholesterol
A study by Dr. John Sievenpiper of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto from 1037 people stipulates that the level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) fell by 5% in those whose diet included a daily serving of beans, peas chickpeas, peas.

Chickpeas for beautiful skin
The traditional cosmetology plebiscite chickpea flour to a smooth and beautiful skin. In scrub, mask or anti-wrinkle care, the chickpea has antioxidant properties that act against other between the face task.

A healthy intestinal health with chickpeas
Chickpeas are rich in minerals and help the functioning of the intestinal flora. Eat a plate of chickpeas if you are prone to diarrhea stabilize and strengthen your intestines. It is the same to help prevent and treat hemorrhoids.

Chickpea, slimming ally
As part of a varied diet, chickpea is an excellent ally for those who follow a diet. A low calorie, highly nutritious and rich in protein are key to food to feel full and reduce the melting of muscle mass.

Fight against impotence
In sexual dietetics, chickpea traditionally has a distinguished role against impotence while the Romans gave him an aphrodisiac role. If science does not confirm these assumptions, we say why not.

An aphrodisiac food
According to the oncologist Henri Joyeux author of Change of diet, a serving of cooked chickpeas al dente, for example steam, releases plant hormones acting as a natural aphrodisiac. Moreover, this type of cooking helps to better digestion.

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