Our 10 Tips Shape and Well-being For The First Trimester Of Pregnancy


10 Tips Shape First Trimester Pregnancy

Our 10 Tips Shape and Well-being For The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Monday, July 11,2018


Being the best in his head and in his body, fit and on top of its luster: all moms dream about! 10 tips form and wellness treatments, massages and tips for living ideas that start as smoothly as possible pregnancy.

Beauty and Wellness: Pamper your neckline
Form side and wellness, you must admit that it’s still an incredible feeling to take two cup sizes within weeks. So bright dresses and sexy t-shirt! Nevertheless, this sudden rise of estrogen is not always comfortable.
Your breasts are hypertensive and tend to tug. Ideal, the cold shower helps calm their tensions. Also beneficial, daily massage with special care bust that contains soothing agents and full of moisturizers to effectively fight against stretch marks.

Warning, your breasts may double in volume in record time, is the first quarter that we must help the skin to withstand the effects of distension. Equally important: quickly buy a bra really suitable, preferably cotton, without reinforcement, and with a good back and wide straps to feel maintained without scratching it, it gets hot or it greenhouse.
Finally, we must think now ensure good recovery of your baby bust after making some moves that will solicit the (rare) muscles that support the breasts.
Fitness and well-being: destress your skin
This gray mine is the effect of a massive irrigation due to hormones, which tend to asphyxiate the epidermis.

Involved also intense fatigue that often accompanies the early months of pregnancy, and intestinal transit, which begins to be lazy. In short, the form side and well-being is not the top! All combine for toxins to be redundant, and it reads the surface of the skin! To give it a smooth and refreshed look, nothing like a good massage with a moisturizer rich in detoxifying and draining assets.
Fitness and well-being: refresh your eyes
Sleepiness and heartache dig eyes, privileged area for print stress and fatigue. The best strategy form and wellness : start by cleansing gently without rubbing too hard. Then treat yourself to a specific concealer care, based on arnica and ruscus to clear blue and light-reflecting pigments to brighten the eyes. Apply morning and evening by lightly tapping with the fingertips to maximize the draining effect.
Fitness and well-being: exfoliate your body
To regain fitness and well-being, we must erase! First, because it’s invigorating morning, a velvet skin … and especially because the scrubs boost the skin’s support fibers, which will be subject to maximum distension in the coming months.

A habit from the beginning of pregnancy, at least once a week to rid the skin of dead cells and facilitate the penetration of active ingredients in the stretch mark treatments.
The right way? Scrub gently but firmly, hands flat and circular movements, broad and relied on the hips, stomach and thighs. Small and light on the breasts, inner arms and thighs.
Fitness and well-being: make your hair shine
For them, pregnancy is rather a blessed state. Hormones have the effect of extending their life cycle – so you lose less than usual – and standardize all the small capillaries worries. Oily hair are gaining weight and too dry are suddenly better hydrated. To make the most of this shock thing, we exchanged his usual treatment shampoo against a mild shampoo. Ideal for light and shiny hair and reshape and wellness to your hair.
Beauty and Wellness: adopt a good position
Although “position” your body is essential from the beginning of pregnancy and this will be felt in your fitness and well-being after pregnancy. Put the outset the odds on your side, then avoid as much leaden legs, back pain and possible cramps and sciatica.
The ideal posture?

the pelvis forward, back straight and shoulders down. Okay, it’s hard not to arch to counterbalance the weight of the belly. So we must begin as soon as one is pregnant to get to hold on even when the stomach becomes very round.
Fitness and well-being: change your habits
Adopt as soon as possible a slower pace. Not for you to nine months parentheses, but to take advantage of this state of harmony and magic, essential for your fitness and well-being. Of course, you need to stop smoking and moderate coffee, alcohol and outputs. Think you, do good to you, listen to soft music and feed yourself healthily. Neither anarchic nor bulimic, but steady and balanced. To give your baby everything it needs to thrive.

And try not to surpass the 10-12 kilos on arrival. Lastly, drink at least two liters of water a day. Because it makes the complexion fresh, beautiful skin, and it eliminates toxins which fatigue and stimulates intestinal transit throughout pregnancy.
Beauty and Wellness: move it right
For fitness and well-being during pregnancy (and after), no question of your muscles to rest for nine months! Even if you feel a bit “in a cocoon,” here are two good reasons to stay active and tonic: wear kilos more for months and give birth are true physical prowess. It is better to actively prepare for it now.
Best sports? The gym in the water course because, well supported, you get muscles there effortlessly. But if you do not have the courage to dive or a handy pool, walking to a minimum and do a little soft gym at least twice a week. It’s good for morale because any muscle work done secrete endorphins that promote good mood. And sport also plays a role in appetite control. Important not to indulge in eating anything, anytime!
Beauty and Wellness: listen to your fatigue
You sleep all the time? Normal progesterone flood early months sedating well known!

Now, how to best manage this “bar hammer” period without either indulge form side and well-being? By seizing every opportunity to forget the stresses and look after yourself. By, for example, real naps on weekends and at least two relaxing breaks during the day. Even if you work. To resume work all recharged, give yourself a few minutes of full and deep breathing: eyes closed, in a comfortable position, step back a bit the seat of office, possibly put your feet on an open drawer to lift your legs. In the evening, a hot 38 or 39 ° C (no more), this is really the best way to relax her muscles … and his mind. And also to prepare a perfect night’s sleep.
Fitness and well-being: mind your nausea
Again, this is progesterone plays spoilsport in your fitness and wellbeing. Because it acts on the cerebral center of balance. Hence the bad state in almost permanent heart that pervades many mothers at least the first month. To mitigate the effect, for example, avoid getting up to jump as soon as the alarm rings. Instead, stay a few minutes lying, drink a glass of water to sip and pass smoothly to sitting and standing. Excellent fight against nausea and for “feed” your baby correctly: prefer the rhythm of four meals a day, well balanced to intelligently split dietary intakes from morning to night.

While the stomach works, he leaves you in peace!

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